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Vapcell is a manufacturer that has been specializing in the production of batteries since 2010. 
The company has obtained several ISO certificates, including ISO9001 / 2000 certification, and currently employs more than 2,800 people.
It focuses on 18650, 18350 and now also 20700 and 21700 batteries.
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Technical parametersCapacity: 4200mAhType: 26650, Li-NiDischarge current: 32A (CDR)Nominal Voltage: 3.7VFull Charge: 4,2VDiameter: 26,1mmHeight: 65,5mm, Weight: 95gOperating...

37313 1 vapcell inr 21700 3750mah baterie

Technical parametersCapacity: 3750mAhType: 21700, Li-ionDischarge current: 24A (CDR) Nominal Voltage: 3.7VFull Charge: 4,2VDiameter: 21.6mmHeight: 70.5mm Weight: 70gOperating...


Technical parametersCapacity: 3000mAhType: 20700Discharge current: 30A (CDR) Nominal Voltage: 3.6VFull Charge: 4,2VDiameter: 20.5mmHeight: 70.2mm Weight: 65gOperating...

37310 1 vapcell inr 18350 700mah baterie

Parameters Capacity: 1100mAh Type: 18350 Discharge current: 10A Voltage: 3.6V Composition: Li-ion Designation: INR18350 Diameter: 18.10mm Length: 35.00mm Type: Flat top...


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