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1000x1000 black queen fruit

Taste description: A black tea with mint, rounded off with a hint of lemon. Content: 10ml of Flavor Non Nicotine

35777 1 dinner lady aroma lemon tart 2

Taste description: Aroma Concentrate Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady Aroma Concentrate Lemon Tart - Lemon Tart - the wonderfully sweet, English pastry specialty with fruity lemon cream...

74430 2 flavormonks ultimate ry4 fixx
Ultimate RY4 Fill 20ml
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Classic Bastards Ultimate RY4 Tobacco The best combination of tobacco, vanilla and caramel. This is the ultimate RY4.

23480 prichut flavormonks tobacco bastards sav orange tobacco 12ml

Taste description: Enjoy the delicate mix of our Bourbon flavour with a natural Orange zest flavour. These flavours are pre-steeped for three months at 25° C. Content: 12ml of...

36578 1 dinner lady aroma blackberry crumble 2

Taste description: Aroma Concentrate Blackberry Crumble - Experience with the Blackberry Crumble Longfill Liquid the harmonious taste composition of fruity blackberries with...

74427 1 flavormonks oriental tobacco fixx

Classic Bastards Oriental Tobacco Oriental Tobacco is a spicy tobacco mix. This gives the tobacco flavour profile an extra dimension. This tobacco flavour is also known as a...

73624 1 dinner lady bubble mint

Dinner Lady’s Bubble Mint combines classic sweet bubble-gum and a fresh burst of natural mint. Love a “pop” of nostalgia? Then this lip-smacking juicy flavour is for you. Dinner...

73627 1 dinner lady peach bubble

Dinner Lady’s Peach Bubble combines ripe peaches fused with a taste of sweet bubble gum, to provide vapers with a unique flavour to remember. Dinner...

69651 toba plum 53 sav

Taste description: Sweet, nutty, slightly smoky tobacco with toasted, caramel, and rich, creamy, bourbon notes as you know flavor NO.09, and is diligently perfumed with the...

PJEmpire ThaiChaiBoba Aroma

Taste description: It is a Thai tea with vanilla, mango, orange, and tangerine, frozen by Kapka’s Flava. The perfect summer refreshment from PJ Empire! Content: 12ml...

PJEmpire Hornyontheroxx Aroma
Horny on the Roxx S&V
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Taste description: It is a completely unique summer combination of yellow melon with delicate lychee, creamy vanilla, and a finish in the form of red melon. Frozen by...

68853 sparkling vibes mellow vibes

Taste description: Exciting mix of red melon, peach and nectarine complemented by a cooling effect for refreshing vaping. The luxurious variation of the most popular fruits...

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