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The supplier IJOYGROUP CO. LTD known as iJoy focuses on hi-tech models of electronic cigarettes, MODs and advanced tanks. 
The main goal of iJoy is to bring the user maximum comfort and safety when using vaping devices.
The company owns the LIMITLESS brand, which vapors know thanks to advanced RDTA and RDA tanks for DIY.
In addition to stylish design, another of iJoy's priorities is ecology.
Therefore, all products of this company can be recycled.
As an electronic cigarette manufacturer, iJoy brings new ideas and advanced features to give the user as much innovation as possible.
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Technical parametersCapacity: 4200mAhType: 26650, Li-NiDischarge current: 40ANominal Voltage: 3.7VFull Charge: 4,2VDiameter: 26,1mmHeight: 65,4mm, Weight: 91,5gOperating...

33974 1 ijoy 21700 3750mah baterie

Technical parametersCapacity: 3750mAhType: 21700, Li-NiDischarge current: 40A (CDR) Nominal Voltage: 3.7VFull Charge: 4,2VDiameter: 21,4mmHeight: 70.2mmOperating Temperature...

iJOY 20700 3000mAh, 40A
iJOY 20700 3000mAh, 40A
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Technical parametersCapacity: 3000mAhType: 20700, Li-NiDischarge current: 40A (peak up to 85A@60°C cutoff) Nominal Voltage: 3.7VFull Charge: 4,2VDiameter: 20.4mmHeight: 70.1mm...


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