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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady, based in the United Kingdom, prides itself on the high quality of its e-liquids and the strict emphasis on current trends, the high quality of its products and customer requirements.
It differs from other manufacturers by intensive market research and the creation of perfect taste, which is a matter of course and standard for them.
Dinner Lady aims at the absolute satisfaction of its consumers, and does not intend to compromise on its way to their enjoyment.
Now you can also look forward to premium Dinner Lady flavors.

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35777 1 dinner lady aroma lemon tart 2

Taste description: Aroma Concentrate Lemon Tart - Dinner Lady Aroma Concentrate Lemon Tart - Lemon Tart - the wonderfully sweet, English pastry specialty with fruity lemon cream...

39026 1 dinner lady aroma strawberry macaroon 2

Taste description: Aroma Concentrate Blackberry Crumble - Experience the sweet taste of crispy almond and coconut pastries with fruity strawberries and delicious cream with the...

70098 strawberry apple (1)

Succulent green and red apples, blended with rich, full-bodied candied strawberries.

70104 tropic mango chill

A deliciously chilled tropical fusion – sweet and juicy mangos fused with a fresh and cooling hit.

36578 1 dinner lady aroma blackberry crumble 2

Taste description: Aroma Concentrate Blackberry Crumble - Experience with the Blackberry Crumble Longfill Liquid the harmonious taste composition of fruity blackberries with...

64526 dinner lady aroma mint tobacco 2

Taste description: Tobacco Mint Tobacco Aroma tastes like a tart tobacco blend, refined with cool, minty eucalyptus. Content: 20ml of Flavor Non Nicotine

70095 pink lemonade

The classic summer taste. A fusion of rich, sweet, and tart red berries, blended with cloudy lemonade and crushed ice.

70092 honeydew melonade

A subtle, sweet and refreshingly juicy honeydew melon vape, layered within our secret homemade lemonade, over crushed ice.

70089 grape vine

Marvin called this out in 1968. ‘’I heard it through the grape-vine’’.  Purple and red grapes, sweet, slightly sour, and punchy.

38276 1 dinner lady aroma watermelon slice 2

Taste description: Mixture contains a tropical blend of watermelon and fruits Flavors: Watermelon, sweets Non Nicotine

38279 1 dinner lady aroma apple sours 2

Taste description: A sweet apple with a sour kick of flavour on exhale, it is great for new vapers with a sweet tooth. Flavors: Sweet apple, sour apple Non Nicotine

73630 1 dinner lady razz blues

Dinner Lady’s Razz Blues combines bursts of mixed blueberries and ripened raspberries, to create what we would call a ‘perfect berry vape’ flavour. Dinner...

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