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Coil Master

Coil up, to be the master!

Coil Master manufactures specialized products for DIY enthusiasts. 
The company is based in the USA and the best diy tools are being developed here.
The main products include diy kits for coiled spirals, winders, resistance wires, cotton wool or ultrasonic cleaners.
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66527 uwell caliburn pod rba kit

Coil Master invented special DIY set for rewinding the coil head in the UWELL Caliburn POD Cartridge.

coil master wire cutter 06

The Coil Master Wire Cutter provides a necessary flush cutter with the clean and precise cut of wires of all types and is specially designed to function near posts or...

coil ceramic tweezers bent 2

Coil Master’s latest ceramic tweezers are a necessary tool when rebuilding any RDA, RTA, or RDTA.This newly designed and angled ceramic tweezer is perfect for any given...

coil master cremic twezzers ss 6

Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers are non-conductive and heat resistant tweezers with replaceable ceramic tips used for compressing and adjusting coils, the construction is...

521mini V2 999

The new version of 521 mini tab! Also driven by a single 18650 battery, Coil Master 521 mini V2 is a handy compact device for all vapers.It is a multi-functional device that...

27692 2 coil master folie na bateri 18650

Coil Master Battery wraps are a foil for type 18650 batteries, which allows you to use the original battery with absolute certainty that there will be no short circuit. Battery...

8870 coilmaster vbag

Coil Master Vape Bag is designed for vape gear carrying, which fits with all your vape stuffs including batteries, mods, atomizers, parts, tools, and E-Liquid. All items will...

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Coil Master Kbag
Out of stock

Coil Master Kbag is a multi-functional, multi-purpose adjustable case for all your vape gear.Carry your Mods, Atomizers, E-juice, wicking supplies and so much more.Everything...

coilmaster vape tweezers

Coil Master vape tweezers are revolutionary and multifunctional tools for vapers. The tweezer is a perfect tool with ceramic heat-consistence tweezers on the one end and a...

coil master vape brush

Coil Master Vape Brush is a multi-functional tool dedicated to DIY vapers.You are able to make your ideal coils with the jig part, cleaning coil dirt with the bristles, and...

27864 2 coil mastersada na motani spiralek coiling kit v4 plna verze

We’ve listened to our fans and just released the latest edition—Coiling Jig V4!Like before, with the double-sized top caps and the larger size, simply slip in any gauge wire,...

7685 coilmaster pbag i
Coil Master Pbag
Out of stock

Want to enjoy vaping everywhere?With a Coil Master Pbag, carry your favorite e-juice & vape kits outdoors.With a Coil Master Pbag, store the battery, cotton, and coils in...

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