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These Original Antimater Flavours are Among the Most Popular Flavors in Germany

Produced by Culami Germany

These flavors can be used for many purposes, such as:
* In a (diet) shake
* In a cocktail
* In the yogurt
* In a cake or pie

This product is not suitable for pure use and must be diluted!

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Package contents: 1x Antimatter Liq Key tool for opening bottles 1x instruction Compatibility: Bottle volume: 60ml, 120ml Manufacturer: Antimatter (Germany)

antimatter solar iv

Taste description: Blue Raspberry Meets Fruity, Ripe Strawberry and is Refined with a Hint of Freshness Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter solar iii

Taste description: Fruity, Fresh Orange Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter solar ii

Taste description: Delicious and Refreshing Watermelon Combined with Wweet and Ripe Berries and Fruity Raspberries Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter solar i

Taste description: A Crunchy, Fruity Apple is Refined with Waldmeister Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter proxima

Taste description: Cosmic Strawberries with Melon and an specific taste named as X-factor Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter neutrino

Taste description: Black Berries with Honey and Light Freshness Content: 10ml Non Nicotine  

antimatter helios

Taste description: Sweet Mint Chewing Gum for Fresh Breath Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter eleria

Taste description: Cold Berries with Anise Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter deuterium

Taste description: Freshly Baked Apple Strudel with Cinnamon Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter black hole

Taste description: Rum and Vanilla Content: 10ml Non Nicotine

antimatter asterion

Taste Description: Mix of Passion Fruits, Cactus, Honeydew Melon and Menthol Content: 10ml Non Nicotine


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